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Cerebral palsy affects the nerves that regulate and control the body’s muscles, as well as causing global injury to the brain

For over 35 years, Susan E. Loggans & Associates, P.C., has been fighting for the rights of patients with Cerebral palsy. As a leading Chicago Cerebral palsy attorney, Ms. Loggans has achieved record setting verdicts and settlements for disabled children and served on multiple boards for organizations that seek to advance the rights and enhance the lives of disabled individuals, including those with Cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy and infant brain injury is a topic that is personal to the attorneys in Ms. Loggans’ office.

Historically, cerebral palsy, or “Littles disease” was first recognized in children in England around 1860. Surgeon William Little wrote about an unknown disorder that developed during the early years of life, causing stiff spastic muscles in the extremities.  Today, this condition is known as spastic diplegia, a devastating form of cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy affects the nerves that regulate and control the body’s muscles, as well as causing global injury to the brain. The presentation of cerebral palsy can vary from minor developmental delay to complete or global injury with inability to function, communicate or participate in the activities of daily life.

Complicated labor and delivery or a poorly responding infant at birth can be the first signs that a baby has suffered brain damage. Other early signs of brain injury include muscle tone, decreased reflexes, early seizure activity, skin color at birth and decreased organ function at birth (liver or kidneys). Cerebral palsy is frequently associated with low Apgar scores at birth. As a child grows, cerebral palsy can manifest in many forms including trouble moving from one position to another, trouble sitting upright, difficultly walking, difficulty engaging in fine motor skills such as buttoning a shirt, writing, using scissors, drooling or weakened muscles in the tongue is also common.

The lives of those with cerebral palsy are often are filled with physical therapy, drug therapy, surgery for spasticity and a lifelong need for care and assistance for even the most basic needs. The medical costs of caring for and providing life sustaining treatment for cerebral palsy victims can be overwhelming.

Chicago cerebral palsy attorney Susan E. Loggans has experience in evaluating the most complex cerebral palsy cases.  On meritorious cases we frequently work with a team of experts including treating medical professionals, therapists, world-renowned experts, life care planners and economists to present damages.  For those whose cerebral palsy or brain injury has been caused by the result of the negligence of another, our goal is to obtain maximum compensation so that the harmed individual can live their life to its fullest and healthiest potential.

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