Chicago Premises Liability Lawyer

Slip and Fall, Drowning, Animal/Dog Bites, Amusement Rides, Drowning/Near Drowning, Snow and Ice, Negligent Inspection, Failure to Warn of Known Dangerous Conditions, Defective Surfaces

If you have been injured because of a hazard outside your home, allow Illinois premises liability lawyer Susan E. Loggans to advocate for you. Every day, millions of Americans leave their home to go to work, shopping, or for recreation. When we leave our home, others have a duty to provide a reasonably safe setting for you to visit. You may be entitled to compensation if someone else kept their property in a dangerous or unsafe condition. Through the years, we have helped people who have fallen into unmarked holes, slipped and fallen at businesses and fallen over unsecured or under-secured railings, as well as a variety of other incidents that could have been prevented.

Since 1977, Chicago premises liability lawyer Susan E. Loggans has helped people who have broken bones, torn ligaments and suffered a variety of other serious injuries. Often, simple maintenance could have prevented these serious injuries. We will conduct a full investigation of the circumstances that led to your fall to determine who should bear responsibility. Businesses and stores have a duty to maintain a reasonably safe floor, especially if they have notice of a hazard. Cities have a duty to maintain sidewalks and streets without dangerous holes or hazards. Rest assured that after we determine that your injury came as a result of someone else’s negligence, we will fight to make sure that the responsible party compensates you for all of your injuries.