Workplace Injuries

Construction Accidents, Burn Injuries, Electrical Injuries, Third Party Liability, Automobile and Machinery Accidents, Slip and Fall, Work Related Injuries

At Susan E. Loggans & Associates, P.C., we understand that a workplace injury may have left you in pain, with mounting medical bills and unable to work. We quickly work to minimize your stress and make sure you receive compensation while you attempt to recover from your injuries.

If you have been injured at work, you may have a couple options for justice. First, you may be entitled to file a workers compensation claim. In order to pursue a workers compensation claim, you only must show that you were hurt while working within the scope of your employment. Workers compensation cases are not concerned with who was responsible, or at fault for the injury. We will work to get your medical bills promptly paid, wages while you are unable to work and a settlement that represents the full nature and extent of your injuries.

If you have been injured as a result of the actions or inactions of your employer, you may also be able to file an action directly against your employer. Often, people are injured because their employer used defective machinery, failed to provide adequate equipment, exposed employees to dangerous substances, failed to comply with legal guidelines for construction work or failed to follow safety guidelines. Once we determine the cause of your injury, we thoroughly research and determine what your employer could have been done to prevent you from getting hurt. Our experienced and talented team of workplace injury attorneys will make sure that your employer pays for any shortcuts they may have taken with regards to your safety. If you have been injured in the   workplace, please contact Susan E. Loggans & Associates, P.C. to learn your rights.