Are class actions worth it?

Class actions allow one or a few named plaintiffs (injured people) to bring suit on behalf of many injured people. An example would be defective hip replacement units that have been shown to be bad…

Talcum baby powder linked to cancer

After a long battle, a jury brought justice to a family whose family memeber died of cancer. The jury found that the talcum powder the woman used was linked to the Ovarian cancer from which she suffered and ultimately died.

148 Million dollar jury award against city

The gravity of injuries is often only appreciated by the injured person or their family. Real life pain and suffering is often only understood by the person suffering it.

Prosecuting faulty DePuy Hip prosthesis case

Once implanted, medical prosthesis become a part of our body. Those who need these devices have the right to trust that they will perform properly and not cause them further harm.

Tough, No-Nonsense Litigation

No case is too difficult, no defendant too large or powerful, for Chicago malpractice attorney Susan E. Loggans, who successfully represented the plaintiff’s in all three cases, obtaining multimillion-dollar settlements for each one.