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As a leading Chicago personal injury attorney, Dr. (PhD) Loggans has represented hundreds of children with cerebral palsy in medical malpractice cases. She has recovered millions of dollars to provide these children with needed care, equipment, educational computers and the means to sustain life. Ms. Loggans holds both a Masters and Ph.D in Psychology, meaning that she has studied and examined the psychological effects of injury on an individual’s mental and emotional state of being. She has the ability to connect with clients and understand their issues on a deeper educational and emotional level.

Reflecting a commitment to aid victims with cerebral palsy that is above and beyond legal representation, Ms. Loggans has been active in many charitable organizations dealing with this devastating condition. One such organization is United Cerebral Palsy in Chicago where she has served as a member of the Board of Directors for over 15 years.

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Holding both National and State records in verdict awards, such as a 16 million dollar recovery against a health maintenance organization (HMO) and 6.5 million dollar verdict in a medical malpractice case in a county just outside of Chicago, Dr. (PhD) Loggans is a successful Illinois personal injury attorney.

Dr. (PhD) Loggans has enjoyed a remarkable career. Even as a young lawyer, she was named one of the country’s “Top 15 Trial Attorneys” by the National Law Journal. She is a multi-published writer, lecturer, and teacher, quick to donate her time to multiple universities, law schools, and special interest organizations in medicine, aviation, and in the law. She has been chosen to lead multiple bar association sections, committees, and programs. You may have seen her on NBC’s Today Show, CBS Morning News, or the Early Show. She has also appeared on Oprah, Montel Williams, and Fox News where she has been asked to provide her legal expertise. For several years she hosted her own nationally syndicated radio talk show, and currently, you can watch her weekly television show Chicago Law with Susan Loggans.


Bar Admissions

Bar Activities

  • Aviation Law Section, Chairman
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America
    • Vice Chairman (1980-84)
    • Secretary (1980-82)
    • Chairman (1978-80)
    • Tort Law Section
      • Vice Chairman (1986-87)
      • Second Vice Chairman (1984-85)
      • Vice Chair of Research and Legal Dept (1982-83)
    • Young Lawyers Section
      • Secretary (1982-83)
      • Treasurer (1979-80)
    • Professional Negligence Section
      • Board of Governors (1993)
  • Illinois State Bar Association
    • Civil Practice and Procedure Section Council (1978-80)
    • Tort Law Section Council (1978-80)
  • Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
    • Civil Practice and Procedure Section (1978-80)
    • Tort Law Section Council (1978-80)
    • Chairman -Special Committee on Organization (1980)
    • Vice Chairman –Membership Committee (1977/1980)
  •  Association of Trial Lawyers of American Political Action (1982)
  • Roscoe Pound Foundation
  • Trial Lawyers of America
  • American Bar Association
    • Tort and Insurance Practice Section (1979)
      • Vice Chairman Committee on Aviation and Space law
      • Standing Committee
      • Advisory Committee
      • Aeronautical Law (1980)
    • Tort Insurance Practice (1974)
    • Litigation Section (1978)
  • American Bar Foundation (1980)
  • Baker Task Force on Specialization and Certification
  • Chicago Bar Association (1979)
    • Aviation Law Section — Chairman (1979-80)
    • Vice Chairman (1978-79)
    • Subcommittee on Medical Malpractice (1977)
  • American Judicature Society 


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  • Psychiatric Malpractice Tips, The Malpractice Reporter (Summer, 1982)
  • The Susan Loggans Show: Host WTTW Chicago
  • Chicago Law with Susan Loggans; The Oprah Winfrey Show
  • The Montel Williams Show
  • The Today Show
  • Fox News
  • Extra
  • Nancy Grace


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