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Each year, there are nearly 100 helicopter accidents in the United States, with approximately 10% of those being fatal. Due to the nature of their use, and frequency of take off and landing, helicopters have a 35% higher risk of crashing compared to airplanes. While the incidence of crashing is low, a helicopter accident can often result in catastrophic injuries or death.

Chicago Helicopter Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered injuries, or a loved one was killed in a helicopter accident in Chicago or the Greater Cook County area, it’s important to speak with a helicopter accident attorney as soon as possible. Due to the legal complexities surrounding all aviation claims, we can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t speak to any insurance company representative without legal counsel.

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Common Uses for Helicopters

Helicopters serve a wide variety of functions in the Chicago area, and for good reason. Certain operating characteristics of helicopters, such as their ability to take off and land vertically and their ability to hover without moving, often makes them the preferred method of transportation for tasks which might be more difficult or impossible with other kinds of aircraft.

Some of the most common uses of helicopters include, but are not limited to:

  • Air medical services
  • Sightseeing helicopter tours
  • Industrial / construction operations
  • Professional photography
  • Firefighting operations
  • Military operations
  • Law enforcement operations
  • News coverage
  • Search and rescue operations
  • General transport

Common Causes of Helicopter Crashes

The most common reason that helicopter crashes occur in the United States is pilot error, which can include loss of control, failure to recognize a potential crash hazard, and being distracted or unalert.

Because there are many possible contributing factors, there are also often multiple parties that can be held accountable for a victim’s injuries, including the helicopter pilot or operator, the aircraft’s owner, a parts manufacturer, employer, hospital, or other medical services providers.

Diligent investigations of crash scenes often uncover evidence that is used to hold the negligent parties accountable.

helicopter in the sky with clouds
Other causes of helicopter accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Defectively manufactured parts
  • Failure to maintain
  • Helicopter pad operator negligence
  • Inclement weather
  • Helicopter pad operator negligence
  • Structural hazards
  • Mechanical malfunctions / faulty equipment
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation violations

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do following a helicopter accident?

  • First and foremost, seek medical attention. Some injuries may not be immediately obvious, making it important to see a trained medical professional.
  • While the National Transportation and Safety Board will conduct the official investigation of the scene, it is advised to take photographs and document any eyewitness accounts. These could be critical to your accident case.
  • Refrain from speaking with any insurance agencies until you have spoken with legal counsel. Information shared could be used against you in your case.

How long do helicopter crash investigations take?

Due to the number of potential parties involved and the complexities of the aircraft, crash investigations can take a considerable amount of time to complete. It could take months to receive any conclusive data from the scene. While it may be tempting to quickly settle with insurance companies to avoid a long investigation process, we can’t stress enough how detrimental that can be. You could miss out on a substantial amount of compensation that is rightfully owed to you for your losses.

Chicago Helicopter Accident Resources

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View final accident reports by the NTSB, an independent Federal agency charged by Congress with investigating every civil aviation accident in the United States.

Helicopter Instructor’s Handbook

View the technical manual published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which covers the aerodynamics of flight as well as helicopter flight controls, components, sections, systems, and performance.

United States Helicopter Safety Team

View the latest reports on helicopter accident trends, as well as safety resources.

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Whether you are a survivor or have lost a loved one in a helicopter accident, we will work tirelessly to ensure you are fairly compensated for current and future medical expenses, as well emotional pain and suffering.

Susan E. Loggans & Associates has successfully represented many passengers and crew members involved in helicopter accidents. Our team of helicopter crash attorneys has extensive knowledge of aircraft safety rules and operating procedures, as well as the intricacies of crash investigations.

If you or a loved one was injured in a helicopter accident, it is imperative that you not make any recorded statements or sign any paperwork without representation from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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