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A manufacturer is obligated to check their products before they’re shipped out to avoid the distribution of any defective items. If a product contains a manufacturing defect, it could lead to serious injury. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states that dangerous or defective products result in nearly three million injuries and 22,000 fatalities annually in the United States.

If you’ve been injured by a defectively made product, then you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost income and emotional suffering. Hold the company or manufacturer who did this to you responsible by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney.

Illinois Manufacturer Defect Attorney

Defective or flawed products pose a potential danger to the public. A defective product could cause serious injury in certain situations. In some cases, you can’t even tell the difference between a defective and a functional product until you or someone you care about is hurt.

That is why it’s recommended you gain trusted legal representation. One option is to call Susan E. Loggans & Associates, a group of reputable manufacturer defect lawyers who have years of experience. Contact us now at (312) 201-8600 to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys practice throughout the greater Cook County area including Evanston, Arlington Heights, Chicago and Schaumburg.

Statistics for Defectively Manufactured Products in the U.S.

We never expect a product we purchase to harm us, but unfortunately, it’s more common than you may think. It was reported by CPSC that millions of people are injured by defective products ranging from defective cribs to faulty car parts. Listed below are some statistics gathered by CPSC regarding defective product-related deaths in the United States.

  • In 2016, approximately 240,000 children were treated for toy-related injuries.
  • 9,800 people were treated for ATV-related injuries in 2017.
  • 295 people died as a result of those ATV-related injuries.
  • It’s estimated about 6,400 defective pool or spa-related injuries are reported.
  • Approximately 350 people die from defective pool or spa-related injuries each year.
  • On average, 28,300 people are treated for injuries associated with furniture or instability otherwise known as “tip-over” accidents.
  • 540 people are killed annually due to furniture instability or “tip over” accidents.
  • Fireworks are involved in an estimated 11,000 injuries every year in the U.S.

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Examples of Defectively Made Products

It’s important you understand the difference between a defectively manufactured product and a defectively designed product. When a product has a defective design, that means it always poses a risk to others. It means the item’s original blueprint is defective and the product itself is a liability.

A defectively manufactured product is when a product out of a line has a manufacturing defect that departs from its intended design. This means that it doesn’t matter how careful the manufacturer is when designing their product or choosing its materials, if they build the product in a negligent way and a product with a manufacturing defect leaves the factory, then the manufacturer could be liable for any injuries by the product.

Listed below are some examples of products with a manufacturing defect.

  • Material that contains asbestos;
  • Defective household cleaning products;
  • Cosmetics that irritate or burn skin;
  • Firearms made with faulty safety;
  • Food contaminated with illnesses such as salmonella;
  • Unstable furniture that tips over;
  • Defective construction tools;
  • Poorly manufactured pool parts;
  • Defective medical products and devices;
  • Badly made automotive parts such as brake lights;
  • Pharmaceutical products with toxic chemicals; and
  • Toys that contain toxins or could pose as a choking hazard

Suing for Defective Manufactured Products in Illinois

If you wish to file a claim for your injuries, you will first have to find who is at fault for your injuries. Typically, it will be the manufacturer of the defective product, but it can also include the wholesaler or retailer. Once you name who’s at fault in your claim, the other person will be notified and legally obligated to respond.

Companies and manufacturers will almost always contest your claim. If this happens, you must collect evidence establishing that:

  • The product had an “unreasonably dangerous” defect that occurred during the product’s manufacturing, shipping or handling;
  • The defect caused your injury even though you were using the product how the manufacturer said that it was intended to be used;
  • You suffered financially, physically, or emotionally as a result of the injury

How to Sue for Manufacturer Defects

You can do this by hiring experienced legal counsel. A skilled product liability lawyer can examine your situation and collect relevant information to support your claim. Your attorney can examine the manufacturing process by taking depositions of manufacturers or designers. They can even subpoena expert designers or engineers to testify for your case.

If you sway the court, then you will be granted a monetary settlement covering all your damages. Damages are the losses you’ve sustained because of the injury. It includes financial losses such as medical bills and emotional trauma such as pain and suffering.

The following are some damages your settlement may cover.

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Handicap installations
  • Counseling
  • Loss of wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment for life
  • Loss of consortium

Cook County Manufacturer Defect Resources

Defective Product Statistics in the U.S.

Visit the official website for the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) to read research and statistics surrounding defectively manufactured products. Access the site to learn more about injuries related to pool products, toys, nurseries, fireworks, furniture, décor, kitchenware and public facilities.

Product Liability

Visit the official website for the American Bar Association (ABA) to read more about product liability. Access their site to see generally what product liability is, what a typical case is, what you should do if you’re injured by a product and more.

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