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The City of Chicago reported that a record 57.7 million people visited the Windy City in 2018. As a popular destination for business and recreational travelers alike, automobile rentals are extremely common in Illinois.

When an individual rents a motor vehicle and gets into any kind of collision in or around the city, it can be very complicated to try and sort out the legal claims process. Whether you were injured by a motorist operating a rental car or you sustained injuries as the occupant of a rented vehicle, it will be extremely important for you to retain legal counsel.

Rental Car Accident Attorney

If you suffered serious injuries or your loved one was killed in any kind of crash in Cook County involving a rental vehicle, it will be in your best interest to not make any kind of statement to an insurance company representative until you have legal representation. Susan E. Loggans & Associates represents clients involved in all kinds of automobile accidents in the Chicagoland area.

Susan E. Loggans is an experienced personal injury lawyer in Chicago who helps individuals in Evanston, Des Plaines, Berwyn, Chicago, Elgin, and several other nearby communities in northern Illinois. She can provide a complete evaluation of your case when you call (312) 201-8600 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Susan E. Loggans & Associates provides legal services on a contingency fee basis, meaning that our firm will not charge you anything unless you obtain a monetary award.

Rental Car Accidents in Illinois

Many car rental agencies offer consumers the option of purchasing additional insurance when renting a motor vehicle. The Insurance Information Institute (III), an industry organization with the mission “to improve public understanding of insurance—what it does and how it works,” suggests making two phone calls regardless of the rental car option:

  • Your Own Auto Insurance Company

    Understand your own policy and whether liability, collision, or comprehensive coverage applies to a rental car.

  • Your Credit Card Company

    Many credit card companies provide insurance benefits for motor vehicles when the cards are used to pay for the rentals.

A silver car with a crushed hood following a rental car accident at night

Rental car companies will typically provide the following types of offers:

  • Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

    Intended to relieve you of financial responsibility if a rental car is damaged, a person’s comprehensive or collision auto insurance coverage usually covers damage to a rental car.

  • Liability Insurance

    Rental companies are required to provide a minimum amount of liability coverage, but standard auto insurance policies typically include liability coverage.

  • Personal Accident Insurance

    Intended to cover the costs of medical bills arising from crashes caused by renters, health insurance or personal injury protection (PIP) provided by many auto insurance policies often covers these costs.

  • Personal Effects Coverage

    Intended to cover the value of items stolen from a rental car, many homeowners or renters insurance policies include off-premises theft coverage.

The immediate aftermath of a crash involving a rental car can be especially confusing for many people because the car rental company is an additional party that cannot be ignored. Consumers are often surprised to learn that their own insurance policies or the additional rental insurance will not cover certain claims.

A skilled personal injury attorney can handle all phone conversations on your behalf and hold negligent drivers accountable so you can obtain the compensation you need for medical bills, lost wages, and other types of damages.

Rental Car Company Liability in Chicago

What happens if you sustain injuries in a rental car crash when the negligent driver was at the party with the rented vehicle? Just as your own auto insurance policy would cover your own costs, that driver’s insurer could pay your damages arising from an accident caused by one of its customers. If the driver of the rental car did not have an automobile insurance policy, the rental car company could become liable.

While car rental companies are generally not responsible for the actions of their customers, such businesses could be liable for negligent entrustment of a vehicle in certain cases. Illinois courts have held that “A person may be liable for negligent entrustment of an automobile where that person entrusts an automobile to one whose incompetency, inexperience or recklessness is known or should have been known by the owner or entrustor of the automobile.” [Kosrow v. Acker, 188 Ill. App. 3d 778 (1989)]

625 Illinois Compiled Statute 5/9-101 establishes that it is unlawful for owners of any motor vehicles to engage in the business of renting out such motor vehicles to be operated by customers, unless the owners have given, and there is in full force and effect and on file with the Secretary of State proof of financial responsibility. The purpose of this statute is to protect injured third parties, and rental car companies may be liable if they negligently entrust the vehicles to unlicensed drivers or motorists without insurance.

Cook County Rental Car Accident Resources

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