Hit and Run Lawyer in Chicago

Confusion and concern are common emotions for all parties involved in motor vehicle accidents, but Illinois state law specifically requires the people involved to do certain things. When a negligent motorist flees the scene of a crash, it is commonly referred to as a “hit and run” accident.

Hit and run crashes may involve other motor vehicles, but victims can also include pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists. When a negligent driver leaves the scene of a crash without providing any information, victims often feel as though they are forced to pay all related expenses out of their own pockets.

Hit and Run Lawyer in Chicago

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Illinois Hit and Run Law

Under 625 Illinois Compiled Statute 5/11-403, the driver of any vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in injury to or death of any person or damage to any vehicle which is driven or attended by any person is required to give his or her name, address, and registration number. Upon request and if available, such drivers must also exhibit their driver’s licenses to the person struck or the driver or occupant of or person attending any vehicle collided with as well as render to any person injured in such accident reasonable assistance, including the carrying or the making of arrangements for the carrying of such person to a physician, surgeon or hospital for medical or surgical treatment when it is apparent that such treatment is necessary or if such carrying is requested by the injured person.

A car driving quickly away from the scene of a hit and ru

Failure to comply with the requirements of 625 Illinois Compiled Statute 5/11-403 can lead to a driver facing criminal charges. Classifications of criminal offenses depend on the type of damage causes, but offenses are graded as follows:

  • Damage to Another Vehicle — Class A misdemeanor;
  • Injury to Any Person — Class 2 felony; and
  • Death of Any Person — Class 1 felony.

When another driver is convicted in a criminal court of a hit and run offense, it also makes that individual civilly liable to the victims in the crash. Such victims can file lawsuits against the negligent drivers to seek compensation for economic damages such as medical expenses and lost wages as well as noneconomic damages for pain and suffering or emotional distress. A jury may also award punitive damages (also referred to as exemplary damages or vindictive damages) specifically to punish offenders for reckless conduct such as driving under the influence (DUI).

Uninsured Motorist Claims for Hit and Run Crashes

Many people who are injured as the result of hit and run drivers are extremely concerned that the negligent motorist will never be caught. The good news is that even is the driver is never brought to justice, a victim can usually recover compensation through an uninsured motorist claim with his or her own automobile insurance provider.

All liability insurance policies in Illinois are required under state law to automatically include uninsured motorist coverage at the legal minimum requirements for bodily injury or death. The only exception to this rule is if the consumer specifically selects lower limits in writing.

Uninsured motorist (also referred to simply as UM) coverage can provide many of the same types of compensation that a victim would attempt to seek from the negligent motorist. While people may feel more comfortable dealing with their own insurers, it is critical to remember that all insurance companies are businesses that make money by paying as little as possible to resolve injury claims.

Following any hit and run crash, you will always want to seek legal representation. A personal injury attorney might not only be able to help locate the at-fault driver, but the lawyer will definitely be able to protect all of your rights and know how to negotiate for a maximum settlement if you must submit an uninsured motorist claim.

Cook County Hit and Run Resources

Community Alert | Chicago Police Department (CPD)

The CPD will occasionally post alerts seeking the public’s help when there has been a hit and run accident in the city. Visit this section of the CPD website to view all of the most recent community alerts. Alerts can be sorted by tags, such as specific districts.

Traffic Crash Reports | Illinois State Police

All drivers involved in Illinois traffic crashes must file crash reports if the crashes caused a death, bodily injury, or more than $1,500 of property damage when all drivers are insured. On this website, you can learn how to obtain a copy of a crash report handled by the Illinois State Police. You can also find instructions relating to accidents on an Illinois Toll Way or a freeway in the Chicago metro area (Cook County).

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