Chicago malpractice attorney Susan E. Loggans fights for the rights of the family of an 87-year-old that died because of a hospital feeding error. While many law firms would be reluctant to handle this claim because of the age of the decedent, Susan E. Loggans & Associates, P.C. believes that everyone has a right to justice, no matter the age of the person wronged.

In this case, the patient was at a local hospital and because of a medical condition, was unable to swallow. Her medical orders required feeding only through a feeding tube. Disregarding orders, a hospital nurse entered the patient’s room and feed her a chicken sandwich and other food by mouth. As a result of her inability to swallow, a piece of chicken lodged in her throat, causing suffocation and an agonizing choking death. There were multiple witnesses to this occurrence. Regardless of having actual knowledge of how she died, the hospital reported that the patient died of natural cardiac causes. An autopsy was performed that directly contradicts the hospital and attributes the cause of death to choking and found food lodged in her throat.

At Susan E. Loggans & Associates, P.C., we believe that everybody deserves proper medical care and honesty in their medical records. We are pleased to assist the family of this patient in obtaining justice for this senseless medical error.